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Round Rock in Texas is America’s second-fastest growing city. Home to the largest waterpark in the US, headquarters of Dell Technologies, and much more, Round Rock is located just 15 miles north of Austin in the Central Texas Hill Country. As one of the best-managed cities in Texas, Round Rock has maintained a high quality of lifestyle. With a number of industries in Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, the city has become an important center for economic growth.

While there are upscale communities in the city, most are affordable. Thus, there is enough space for affordable housing development. If you are planning to move to Round Rock or you already reside there, chances are your house needs to be refreshed. Maybe you just want to make your space look more colorful, or you want to change the paint of your walls. Whatever the reason, any painting job starts from preparation.

You can also hire painting contractors Round Rock to do the job. However, if you want to choose the DIY route, below are some tips that can help-

House Painting Preparation Tips

First and foremost, decide which parts you require painters in Round Rock to paint. Gather all the equipment you will need beforehand so that you don’t have to stop later and run here and there to collect supplies.

One of the most important steps of painting your house is deciding the colors. Pick the right paint finishes for your house. For example, it is better to choose latex than oil-paint for home exteriors as it causes less mess, and is easy to clean. For flat surfaces, go with paints that will offer a flat or matte finish.

The next step is to start prepping for the brand-new paint for your home. Pressure washing your house is a crucial step as it will wash off any peeling or cracked paint on the walls. In fact, extreme pressure washing is the best way to remove any peeling paint. Now that the original paint has been loosened, remove more of it using a metal. Sand the bumpy surfaces to get a smooth finish. If the paint is still there, clean it and sand the edges so that new coat of paint offers a smooth finish.

The next step is to apply a primer. Priming is an important step at it covers any prior paint (if there), resulting in even color for your new coat of paint and making any imperfections less visible. Once the primer has been applied, let it dry. Or, the original paint will mix with the primer and give a rough patch.

Last but not the least, plan to start your painting project at the right time. Professional painters in Round Rock first look at the weather forecast and then decide the best time to paint a house. If you are looking for a trusted painting company in Round Rock to paint your house, look no further. We are professional painters who cater to all your painting requirements, including interior, exterior, cabinet painting, deck sealing, and commercial painting. You can reach out to us for a free estimate.
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